In 1970, American Motors Corporation unveiled a mid-engine prototype that was designed by my father Richard A Teague with a handful of his incredible team of designers, managed to develop a midengine, AMC 390 / V8 2place Italian made sportscar that was intended to go into production. Unfortunately AMC could not get the pricing down below $11,000.00 to compete with Ford Motor Company Pantera. AMC announced the AMX 3 on April 1, just one day before Ford announced the Pantura. Its been 40 years now and she still has the looks.
My very good friend at Motor Tread, Matt Stone called me a few years ago and asked me if they could do an article about the AMX 3. I agreed and we brought the car out of the San Diego Automobile Museum. Thanks to Motor Trend, They had brought this car back to life with gorgeous photos taken at the LA Coliseum. Matt had asked me what the next generation AMX would look like so I decided to develop some sketches based on the original AMX 3. Needless to say I had allot of inquires about the sketches that where in Motor Trends Classic magazine. Next I developed a 1/4 scale AMX 4 clay model that holds the graphic appeal of the 3 with the same overall dimensions. I presented this model for the 1st time last year at SOCAL-AMC car show in El Segundo California.
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Examples bottom row: TDII design development starts from left to right, Sketches, Renderings, Alias, Model development